Introducing Dr. Jose Palomar MD

kinesiologia J_PalomarOrthopedic surgeon Jose Palomar MD is a pioneer in the research and development of diagnostic technology and therapeutic interventions for the resolution of receptor dysfunctions.

This body of research and clinical practice is referred to as Proprioceptive – Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR)

In addition to operating a clinical practice, Dr. Palomar conducts ongoing research and offers trainings to medical practitioners in the United States, Mexico and Eastern Europe (Russia, the Ukraine, Latvia.)

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Case Study: Wheelchair to Walking in one session!

In 2014 this patient suffered a traumatic brain injury. Her health rapidly deteriorated and walking became laborious.

A few weeks ago she was unable to support her own weight any longer and had to use a wheelchair. At the advice of her Chiropractor, the family decided to drive from New Jersey to Chicago to see Dr. Palomar for treatment.

After one session she was able to support her own weight and walk with increased stability.

Hear more about her incredible journey from her and her family below.

Four years of head aches cleared in one session

The other day I saw a young woman who is suffering from chronic headaches and jaw pain, along with a diffuse pain in the pelvic area. In our first session, we did a lot of exploration and, using a combination of NKT, PDTR, and ART, we had modest results. We found a number of muscular compensations as well as dysfunctional pain receptors. Her pain and discomfort decreased, but not to a great extent.

One of the interesting quirks of treating this young woman stems from the fact that she has a vagal nerve stimulator implanted in her neck. Every 5 minutes, the stimulator goes off, activating the vagus nerve in order to help control seizures. We determined very early that I couldn’t assess her when the stimulator was active because it dramatically changed the results of the testing. On our second visit, we were chatting in order to determine where to look next when her stimulator went off. When it does, her voice takes on a distinct vibrating quality, almost like when speaking through a voice synthesizer.

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Demonstration: Chronic muscle dysfunction resolved with P-DTR

Commentary from patient:

This was a six week problem that made it necessary for me to use a cane for several weeks.

It began with a very painful early morning cramp in my left calf which never quite resolved.

By the time I saw Dr. Palomar, I’d had ten hours of pretty good therapy from another source, but progress was slow and I was still limited to being able to only do ONE calf raise. More than one would cause spasms and cramping throughout my left foot and calf that were so severe they destabilized my knee and made walking difficult.

The entire session with Dr.Palomar – diagnosis and treatment – took around ten minutes total with him taking the time to explain what he was doing step-by-step.